When we are assigned (or we offer) to do a presentation, more often than not the tendency is to automatically default to the idea that we should put together a PowerPoint presentation. What I'd like to encourage you think about however, are the many different ways that are available for doing presentations. If we focus on the needs of the audience, rather than thinking about the information from our perspective as the author/writer/presenter of the information, then we can start to think differently about which method we should choose for our presentations.

Some possible options

  • PowerPoint - (of course) But, if you do decide to go with PowerPoint make sure that you prepare for all the problems/limitations, ie whether the version you used to develop your presentation is the same one that will be available. Keep it simple (KISS). White font on a black background/black font on a light background. Use images sparingly and only when they will help the reader connect to what you are saying. Don't put all of your information into the PowerPoint presentation. It is meant to supplement what you are saying, not take the place of your talk. Ask yourself if you would be better off just handing out a hard copy one page summary of the info you would put into your PowerPoint.
  • Handouts - You may think that this is old school, or that you won't look jazzy enough when you present. I'm very appreciative of good handouts that show the main points the speaker will be covering/and or provide information that would be very difficult to understand if given in a slide. The same points above apply as well to handouts.
  • Prezi - This is an example of the many interactive tools that are available for presentations.
  • Web pages - You may not think of a web page as a presentation tool, but I have seen students put together some very good presentations using web page tools. Wiki is one example, and there are many others. All you need is internet access for this option to work.
  • Panel Presentations - Rather than trying to go solo, you can work with two or three colleagues and put together a panel to present
  • Poster Presentations -

Scedule for 2:00 Class

  • Panels - Stephen, Chris P and Brandon
  • Posters - Austin, Kris, Stephanie, Katherine, Ryan, Roman, Dennis, Chris P, Marquette, Gus, Ruben, Gina, Shirley

Schedule for 4:00 Class

  • Panels - Olivia, Marina, Adrian, Sunnie, Thurman, Felix
  • Posters - Josh, Mariah, Yubi, Jay, Sonia, Julian, Adam, Taylor, Robert, Erik
  • Handout-Cassie