For your research project I want you to develop a question that you would like to answer related to evaluation and diagnosis of writing and conduct primary research by gathering some data that you can analyze in a statistical manner. This will not be a large undertaking, but rather a small simulation of what a research project looks like on a small scale. Then you will take the findings from your research and write an article for The Journal of Writing Assessment.

You will not be expected to have an article that is completely ready for publication, but this will give you some experience with how the process works. We will follow the guidelines for submitting to the journal, and our audience will be the audience for the journal.

The evaluation of the articles will be based on the criteria and the processes used by the journal. In terms of grades it will look something like this:

  • Accepted - A+
  • Accepted with Revisions - A or A-
  • Not Accepted - B
  • IRB is an important part of the process but you will not have to do that individually. Dr. G will provide that framework and info.
  • Here is a list of possible Theoretical Framework and Methodology
  • Look in Blackboard under Content for two sample projects by previous students.

Research Project Plan