The second step in developing your Final Project is the Project Plan. You will use information that you gathered for your White Paper and expand on the information that you included in that report. For your Final Project, you will develop a plan that will help you develop your project and allow the rest of the class to understand what you will be doing.

Audience: Our class (The audience for your Final Project will depend on the purpose of that project and it will not be our class. You wrote about the audience for your Final Project in your White Paper.

Purpose: To develop a plan for getting your project done

  • Your plan will include
    • an explanation of the purpose of your work: what you expect to accomplish,
    • an audience analysis (Here's a link about audience analysis that may be useful,
    • your initial (and obviously tentative) ideas about what your project will include - what steps you will cover.
    • your initial plans for completing the project, including
      • a timetable
      • the resources you will need to locate, the information you will need to gather,
      • and the kinds of skills you will need to learn about and learn to do.
    • the tools you will use to develop your project (programs, subject matter experts [SME's])
      • links to several examples of work that you will use as models for various features of your project,
      • any other information that will help us (me and classmates) understand the scope, purpose, design, relevance of your proposed project.

Study this example of a Project Plan. The document you produce should be similar to this document (but of course it won't be as long as this one), both in style and content. Your Project Plan should be a hypertext document as this one is. You can choose how you want to create the document. It could be a web page as this one is, it could be a word document, or it could be a wiki page, and there may be other options. You will not need every section that is covered in this plan, but pick and choose and include the ones that seem relevant to your task.

As you develop your plan, you will want to use and refer to the Yale WWW Style Guide 2nd ed.. Your proposal will directly reflect your use of these and other texts that we have referred to in our class.

You will be sharing drafts of your plan, and you will also be responding to classmates' drafts during that time.

Format: Word doc (but you have to have hyperlinks that work), wiki page, online document

If you don't know how to upload to a wiki page, check out for more info. If you developed your project plan as a webpage you can simply provide the url.

If you choose to create a Word document with hyperlinks, here are some sources to show you how to do that:

Also, you can go to to view the list plan page from another class. The plan by Chad is in the format that I want you to follow.

Here are other good examples to follow:

Shannon Cruz's Project Plan

Willma Harvey Project Plan

Michelle Segundo's Project Plan

Susan Harr Project Plan

Hilda Gonzalez Project Plan

Calynne Cantu Project Plan

Michele S Project Plan

Post your plan in the Discussion area of Blackboard no later than midnight on .

You can use the space below to create your own Wiki space if you want to create your Project Plan as a wiki page. The sites you see were created by students who previously took the course. You can use their sites as examples to follow.

Emily Zamora

Samantha Howard: Project Plan

Samantha Howard: Final Project Fianl Draft

LaMarr Drake

Edward Quintana