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Before reading preface, I understood process and expressive pedagogies as being two separate animals with individual distinctions. I thought that process pedagogy was exactly what it claims to be; the process of writing and writing to learn. On the other hand, I assumed that expressive writing was a term coined to identify those who write poetry and creative stories. Tate et al claim that and expressive pedagogies are so closely linked, we paired (Vii), can anyone explain the differences/likenesses? also interested in finding out the similarities between critical and cultural pedagogies, because once again they are grouped together in the preface. If these pedagogies are similar enough to be thrown into a pile for new scholars to build their foundations upon, the titles of teaching theories and styles follow suit? What I mean is that if one apple is green and the other is red; why not just call them apples? I guess that I understand why the two would be grouped together when differences exist. If differences exist between theories and we group them together, we missing something? If we teach our students what we know about the grouped theories, they be missing something? I could kick this dead dog for a long time but I think you get the point, you?