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After reading through Atkinson's explanation of "post-process," I felt that I mostly understood and really like the overall meaning and idea of post-process, but do not quite understand the four parts within Trimbur's definition of "post-process." This makes me feel like I may not understand post-process as I should. I specifically do not understand the major difference(s) between the last two components including "literacy as an ideological arena" and "composition as a cultural activity."

Atkinson describes "literacy as an ideological area" to refer "to a growing understanding over the past two decades that reading and writing are not the decontextualized, information-centered, impersonal activities they were once thought to be, but rather that they actively construct, and are centrally implicated within, power relations, society, culture, and, indeed, individuality itself" (1534).

"Composition as cultural activity" challenges the notions of literacy that were developed and exist within our cultural contexts and are deeply embedded (1534).

These two explanations seem to be about the same idea that literacy is a notion that exists within our culture and society, and may not even have meaning outside of it, but I don't understand the difference or how there would be a difference in the teaching of these two ideas.

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