It is a social/culture/economic/politic struggle going on in this aera.

  • What makes an aera a Colonia?
  • What are aera assumptions about the Colonias?
  • What type of work do indivduals perform in the Colonias?
  • Who founded these Colonias?
  • When were they founded?
  • What is the main concern of the Colonias?
  • How good is the communication between city officials and the Colonias?
  • Do you see progress for the Colonias in the future?

  • What types of houses are in the Colonias?
  • How are these houses reflections of the people that live in them?
  • How are they reflections of the culture in the Colonias?
  • How are they relfections of the economical/political status in the Colonias?
  • How do the individuals describe their lives within the Colonias?

  • What types of literacies are in this setting?
  • What types of media (i.e. television, books, writing, advertisements) do the citizens engage in?
  • What do these various forms of literacies represent in this community?
  • What are some symbols within this setting?
  • How are colors portrayed within this setting?
  • How do these colors represent the culture?
  • Are there any images/houses/artwork that are mimetic of/in other aeras?
  • How are the houses spaced together?

L. Lopez

  • 816-3448

Virtual lab: NRC building (2:00 pm trip)