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SGarza: QuestionsForEvaluationOfFinancialAidWebsite


Michelle Barrera & Dawn Taylor:

1.) What is Selective Services?
2.) How is G.P.A. calculated?
3.) Can freshmen not apply for scholarships after December 1st?
4.) Are scholarship applications available for Spring 2010?
5.) When should students apply for the work study program?
6.) How is the Financial Aid dispersed? (i.e., options)

======= ^Have you ever used the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi website?

^How easy was it to access the Office of Student Financial Assistance website?

^What would you say is the first step to applying for financial aid?

^What is the deadline to apply for financial aid?

^Did you find the scholarship page helpful to you?

^How useful did you find Financial Aid TV?

^Was the financial aid helpful in answering all of your questions?

^Were the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs?) helpful to you?

Questions submitted by Katherine,Karthik, and Kris <<<<<<<

Is the information you are looking for easily found? How easy was it to access the "Accept/Decline" your financial aid awards? did you find the financial aid website helpful to your needs? Are you able to find the link to the scholarship you wish to view? Do you find that the dates and deadlines for the school year are dated months after school has started?

Questions by Sara, David, Seamus ======= ____________________________________________________

The following question was provided by: Seamus, Sarah, and David.

Did you find that any of the questions listed in the FAQ page answered any of your questions? If not, what questions do you think should be listed on the page? ______________________________________________________

Submitted by Joseph and Bailey:


Stephanie, April, Gilbert

>>>>>>> >>>>>>> ---

  1. Are the link headings clear?
    * Do the following link headings clearly explain what you would find under each heading?
    * After you click on each link, rate which headings are clear (1-5 Five being the best)
          o Loans 1-5
          o Grants 1-5
          o Scholarships 1-5
          o Other Options 1-5

by Gilbert Morales ---

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