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*What are your preconceived notions?
*What emotions does the image(s) emote?
*How does the placement/location help to create meaning?
*How does design create action?
*How are colors important to the meaning?
*How does lighting create meaning/imagery?
*What concepts of space do you see?
*How do issues of ownership define/create boundaries?
*How does entry/exit movement create meaning/imagery?
*What do the elements that make up part of a larger image say about the meaning/help to create meaning?
*How is one type of image displayed in different ways?
Added lines 1-9:
*What meaning does the location of burial have from a visual viewpoint?
*What kinds of emotions are evoked when viewing religious icons?
*What meaning does the gravestone image portray?
*How does the landscaping create a visual impact?
*What feelings do we get from the overall look of the cemetery? How is it different from other cemeteries?
*How does the neighborhood frame the visual of the cemetery?
*What does the architecture of the buildings portray?
*What does the advertising about the cemetery represent?