I am ??? and I am a student at TAMU-CC and my English professor has given me an assignment to interview someone who is working in the field that I hope to work in one day. The purpose of the interview is to help me learn about writing in this field. My major is Public Relations and I hope one day to get a job in the area of Sports Publicity. If you are able to help me with this project, please provide me with times and places that we can set up to conduct the interview. I am available at these times:

  • What type of writing skills are important in this job?
  • What kinds of classes would you recommend that a student should take to prepare for this job?
  • On a typical day how much writing is involved?
  • What planning do you do before you begin writing?
  • What are the steps that you go through from start to finish when working on a writing project?
  • Do you have deadlines? What are the time frames that you have to work with?
  • Who do you have to report to when you complete a written report?
  • Where does the report go once you have completed it?
  • What are the results of the documents that you write?
  • What happens when you make a mistake?
  • Projects.
  • Getting a job.
  • Getting an internship.

My teacher has also asked us to obtain copies of sample documents to include in our portfolio work. Would you be albe to provide me with any samples? These can be very generic or very specific types of documents.