Here's a great article, [[ | "Hypersocial-Interactive Writing: An Audience of Readers-As-Writers"]] by Rik Hunter. It's a little more on the theoretical side, but I am a big believer, and experience bears out the belief that we need to understand our theoretical underpinnings to really do a good job with the practical applications we do. So while we can learn strategies for creating digital context, if we don't understand how readers use the work we create, we won't do the best job possible.

We are going to do a shared reading/discussion for this activity. You will al have to contribute a point from the article, and provide a discussion question that others can respond to.

  • Skim the article to get a basic understanding of what the author is talking about. I'm not expecting you to understand everything.
  • Choose a point/concept from the article you want to present to the group. The point/concept should be something that would lend itself to some discussion. So you wouldn't just present a fact, such as "100% of people who read the interest find something interesting."
    • Here's the tricky part. Everyone has to discuss a different point.
    • I would suggest that you post in the Discussion Forum what point you are planning to discuss. You could do this in the Updates Forum and kill two birds with one stone as the posting can count for your weekly posting.
  • Keep it short, around 5 minutes. Explain the point (give page number/paragraph, etc.) and present your question for discussion.
  • You can decide how you want to present the info, but here are some points to think about.
    • Don't use Power Point unless you read the article, "Power Point is Evil." Google it; it's easy to find. (Translation: I don't recommend you use Power Point.)
    • You could make a short video of yourself using your phone/computer.
    • You could create an infographic. But be careful, as these can be as badly done as Power Points.
    • Choose the presentation method that will be help the audience understand your info.
  • Connect your point to what we've been reading so far in this class. That is one way to make things interesting and connect to your readers.
  • Post a response to at least one question posted by another member of our group.

This will take some working together by you guys, but I know you can handle it.