• I think that I can grasp what Shauf is saying here but I am not too sure. The "humanist" perspective kind of throws me off a little bit. Her definition does not only look at visual rhetoric but the virtual space it creates.


  • What is rhetoric in the modern world?


  • Interesting article but not really useful to my research at the moment. I think it might fit in later if I ever continue my studies of multimodal classrooms.

The PowerPoint articles:

  • Tufte makes a good point (ha!). I do not know about the cognitive side of it yet, I have not read up on the cognitive/social aspects of PowerPoint within the classroom.
  • Byrne's take on it I am not sure about either. I feel like I need to read more up on it or study it more objectively within the classroom to make any judgments or assumptions.
  • Do students use PowerPoint to create their presentations because it is easy?
  • Are these types of presentations simply slide shows that do not promote true learning?
  • Do the benefits outweigh the losses?