Choose an element of visual rhetoric that you would like to apply and study more in-depth. Identify existing scholarship on that element, and then conduct primary research on the element. Based on secondary sources and your primary research, develop a report (4-5 pages). We will post the reports in an online journal for the class.


  • Research the use of fonts in college catalogs, both online and hard copy.
  • Research the layout of blogs used for political purposes.

Your reports should include the following elements:

  • Introduction
  • Discussion of Secondary Sources - what other research/scholarship are you building off of; minimum of 5
  • Methodology - explain the procedures you followed. The book A Research Primer for Technical Communication will be helpful to you in deciding your methodology. I will put this on reserve in the library.
  • Results of Primary Research - explain what you found when you conducted your research
  • Discussion - what does your research show
  • Brief Conclusion

Use APA citation system.

Also visit the online journal, 5 Weeks to Visual Rhetoric that showcases similar projects created in a graduate level class on this same topic.

Rubric for Grading Research Report:

  • Includes all of the required elements.
  • Has a clear purpose.
  • Makes clear to the reader what the purpose is.
  • Provides clear signs/effective roadmap to help the reader understand the report.
  • Correctly follows APA format.
  • Is free of surface level problems.