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!Strategy 1

Ask someone to read through your report and find the most interesting point/sentence/story/etc. Take that part and move it to the very first thing in your report. This will help you pull the reader into your conversation immediately.

!Strategy 2

Ask someone to read through your report and place a ☺ or a star next to the parts of the paper that grab their attention/really make sense/make them want to read more. Now, take a look at the parts that marked. What do you need to do with them? Here are some suggestions:
*Summarize so it so hard for the reader to get through the info.
*Combine the info with one of the parts that was marked by your reader so that it flows better with the other info.
*Move the info somewhere else. At this point in writing about your topic, you can step back and take a look at where you put things. Do you need to the info, so that instead of giving info in the order that you read it from your sources, give the info in an order that will make sense for the reader. Try to get the connections you have in your mind from reading the sources onto the paper so the reader can use those same connections.
*Say something to the reader about why the info is important or how it connects to the other info, i.e. information is provided to give some history behind ??? relating to the (subject) found in the next section of the report.

Complete both of these strategies during class. Do not turn in your draft today, but before you leave class make sure that you have checked in with me and received your 25% credit.

'''Note about visual elements in your papers:'''

Remember, any info you have in your paper that you got from other sources requires documentation, including graphs/charts/pictures/video clips/etc. See for MLA and for APA guidelines.

I will be in my office FC 267 from 9-12 on Monday, May 3rd if you would like to come by and get feedback on your papers. Remember, however, that I will not have time to read your entire paper and tell you everything that needs to be done (). You should come with specific questions regarding where you need help on your paper. Also, remember to make an appointment with the [[ | Writing Center]] and they can provide you with great feedback as well.