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SGarza: RewritePractice

This is the first paragraph of a letter sent from a university to a student who asked for information about the university:

Dear Susan,

It seems everyone and everything from your friends, to your parents, to all the college guides have opinions about the best college for you. Often their best college offers little to do with what you want. Is it impossible to afford, or is not focused on the things that are important to you? <<<<<<< <<<<<<<

Dear Susan,

It seems that everyone has an opinion on which college is best for you. However, your opinion regarding your future is the only thing that matters to us.

Sincerely, Jacob, Tyler & Josh ======= ======= <<<<<<< <<<<<<< >>>>>>>

Dear Susan,

Finding a college to attend is a difficult task. As you ask those people around you whom you value their opinion, remember to keep in mind what is important to you in a college.

Cameron ======= =======

>>>>>>> _____

Translation by Joseph Mitchell:

Dear Susan,

Only you know what you want to do with your life, so let us be the college that meets your needs. _____ >>>>>>>

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