Choose the digital media you want to analyze (Pick something specific.) I would recommend that you choose a piece of media related to your Ted Talk project. For example, you could choose a website that relates to the topic. Or you might choose another piece of media that relates to your Ted Talk, like a video game, a meme, a posting/discussion, an online report. And remember to think about media that we access through our phones and other devices. So what you choose is pretty wide open. The focus on this assignment is to take a deeper look at the piece of media and use what you have learned through the readings for the rhetorical analysis.

You will need to decide what you want to focus on in your analysis of the piece of media. Some elements to focus on might include audience, purpose, layout design. Also review the concepts we have been listing on The Language of Digital Rhetorics and the How do reading and writing change in digital environments? pages. So a big part of this assignment is deciding how you want to focus your analysis.

You will report your findings from the analysis you conduct. Create the report in a digital format (web page) and create a link on your personal website for the report. It could be listed under the section where you have samples of your work.

Remember, you don't have to create the digital report from scratch using code. You can choose any program that will create a digital format. You can create the report using the same program you used to create your personal website, but make sure to adjust the page so that the reader knows it is a report and not just another page on your website.