Essay #3: The Rhetoric of Acadmeic Dishonesty on the Internet

Length: 5-6 pages, typed, double spaced, follwing all formate guidelines outlined on our course syllabus.

Assignment: In this essay, in the context of our course focus on education in America, I would like for you to explore the world of "academic dishonesty" as it pertains to the Internet. Specifically, I want you to analyze and synthesize what appears on a few of the Web sites that sell paper for students to use--otherwise known as "online paper mills." In doing so, you shoud think about a term called "rhetoric," which is defined as anything that persuades (words as well as images)

The assignment has two goals: (1) To get you to think about the ida of academic dishonesty as it pertains to reseach and authorship in a research writing class like English 101; (2) To get you to analyze the role of the Internet as a "research tool" for writers/authors in college.

Your essay discussing these paper mill Web sites shoudl determine what the Web sites' rhetoric is--in other words, how these sites persuade people to buy their products, and how they justify the enterprise of selling papers at all--with specific examples from each site.