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SGarza: Rubric-FirstDraft

1. How current is the information and how well does it describe the current issues surrounding the question's topic?

Very current/relevant, 15-20; Somewhat current/relevant, 11-14; Not (or not very) current/relevant, 0-10

2. How well does the posting demonstrate a knowledge of praxis as it applies to the topic?

Very good demonstration, 15-20; Somewhat good demonstration, 11-14; Not a very good (or no) demonstration, 0-10

3. How worthwhile is the addition to the conversation (how thoughtful is it)?

Very worthwhile/thoughtful, 15-20; Somewhat worthwhile/thoughtful, 11-14; Not much or Not worthwhile/thoughtful, 0-10

4. Does the posting address its audience?

Yes, 15-20; Somewhat, 11-14; Not much or no, 0-10

5. Does the posting achieve its purpose?

Yes, 15-20; Somewhat, 11-14; Not much or no, 0-10

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