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9/12 Notes: <<<<<<<


Victor's Notes\\<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Jason Shell's Notes?

Darcy's Notes

9/14 SOP Notes:

9/19 SOP Notes:

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Lynette Notes


Ian's Notes

William's SOP




Shelly SOP Δ

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April's SOP Manual


April's Notes on Sandra Garcia

April's Pre-Award Process Document

[[Attach:preawardclass.doc | April's In-Class Pre-Award Process Document]]

Cover Page


Entire Manual SOP Purpose/Applicability?Summary

Pre-Award 1. Preparation of awards a. Preparing Proposal i. Faculty member identifies funding source and meets with Sponsored Program Administrator ii. Construct an outline for proposal

                      2. Who
                           3. What

b. Review of Proposal c. Submitting Proposal iii. Faculty member writes the proposal iv. Faculty member prepares budget with Sponsored Program Administrator B. Review of Proposal i. Budget

	1. State compliance
	2. University Salaries
	3. Salaries
	4. Fringe benefits
	5. Project needs

ii. Format 1. RFP Guidelines iii. Compliance 1. Conflict of Interest 2. Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) 3. institutional Review Board (IRB) 4. Lobbying a. Appropriate signature 5. Drug free workplace. v. Signatures/Approval 1. Authorized Institutional Representative (AIR) 2. President if over $2000,000.00 3. Deans 4. Department Chair(s) 5. Principle Proposals Not Funded i. Enter information into database 1. Name 2. Title

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October 5 Pre-Award


Dr G Sample


April's SOP notes on Laura Rosales (10/17)

October 19 Post-Award

Amy SOPupdated

April's Update Pre/Post Award Outline

November 7--Planning <<<<<<< =======

 Amy-- Planning

======= >>>>>>>

Amy-- Planning

April's Portfolio III Plan

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