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SGarza: SiddharthaAnalysis

Wikipedia as participatory Journalism : Reliable sources? 'Metrics for evaluating collabarative media as a news resource'. By Lih,Andrew Paper for the 5th International symposium on online journalism (April 16-17 2004),University of Texas,Austin. <>

Research gives a history of the previous information. Later they devoloped a research model.That is a look of how the wiki page works.Taking another research paper and comparing with the other topic.Conducted an analysis using quantitative metrics.

The overview gives the history and growth of Wikipedia project.It introduces a method of evaluating.The outline just gives us a brief discription of the overall project.

The figure one was placed somewhere and the theory related to it is placed somewhere. That is a mistake there is no connection between them.

Thesis : The quality article will have many edits and have it written by many editors.He is comparing one system to another system and explaining how this wikipedia works.He expalins a good amount of history.Why is this about???How this works???What all it contains???

Methodology : He says about the rigor and diversity and assumes about them.And also he uses a comparision proof.Looking at reliability of the source,and even how people interact.Participatoy journalism explains about how people interact.

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