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This section will focus on the transition of the traditional first year classroom to the computer lab.

Although first year writing courses focus on developing the skills necesary to succeed at the university level, the notion of actually writing has vanished over the years. I do not mean to imply that students do not write at all during their first year of college, however many composition courses are now computer supported. Therefore, students are now typing their work as opposed to physically writing it. I will use Transitions: Teaching Writing in Computer-Supported and Traditional Classrooms by Mike Palmquist, Kate Kiefer, James Harrvigsen and Barbara Goodlew (1998) to further explore this phenomenon.

This, in my opinion, is when a writing class becomes something else. The authors mention the increasing use of the World Wide Web in their first year classrooms, as well as the knowledge their students have of the Internet. So, students are not only learning how to write, they are also becoming increasingly familiar with information available on the Web. Therefore, this may limit library visits for students who feel more comfortable researching material on the Web from the comfort of a desk rather than walking around a library in search of relevant sources.

A writing class becomes something else when the teachers become limited in how they can arrange their classrooms. Also, when the amount of face to face student-teacher interaction changes, the format of the writing class changes as well. Although my focus is on the presence of literature in the composition classroom, I felt it was necessary to examine and understand the changing dynamics of the writing classroom before discussing the topic at hand.

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