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SGarza: SonyasResponseToGeorge

George discusses using visual communication to help students learn to write. She argues that "...for students who have grown up in a technologically saturated and an image rich culture, questions of communication and composition absolutely will include the visual, not as attendant to the verbal but as complex communication intricately related to the world around them" (1445). I agree that student's are "saturated" with technology. They are great at it. So I question whether incorporating "visual" aspects into the writing classroom makes much difference. Isn't writing about writing? How are student's going to learn writing if they aren't physically doing it? Maybe I don't understand the extent of what George is explaining, but I can't help wonder what the main goal of the writing classroom is. I am under the impression that first year and basic writers are not perfoming at the level that the discipline expects. How is assigning a visual assignment going to make them better writers? Writing is a tool, separate from content. There is a correct and incorrect way to write, according to our English dept. So aren't we responsible for teaching that tool? I think visual communication is great, I don't understand how exactly is will benefit a basic writer other than using visual prompts.

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