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Lih, Andrew. "wikipedia as participatory journalism: Reliable sources? Metrics for evaluating collaborative media as a news resource,"

Research article, beginning gives history and information. Developed a research model.Seminal look at how the wiki system works, is used.Taking another research model and applying it to a new topic.Conducted a study using quantitative metrics.The overview listed on page 2 led me to think that i would be given info in that order, but was not the case.The outline on page one,however, did prove a real picture of what the article included.

Figure 1 was not referenced in the discussion prior to its presentation and the connection between the text and the info in the figure was not well represented.

thesis: Based on wiki definition of quality, high quality articles will have more edits and a wide variety of editor types.He also looks at how mentioning of the article by other sources if affected.

He provides a good amount of history interms of what wiki and wikipedia are, how they work, why they work, why we would use them.

Methodology:Too many things goin on.Two variables, rigor and diversity.Does acknowledge assumptions, and how he is defining the event's he is looking at.Uses a comparision group.lloking at reliability of the resource.Historical trends, how people interact. Participatory journalism speaks to the communication audience.

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