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A list references and suggested reading:
A list of references and suggested reading:
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*Donald M. Murray, ''Crafting a Life in essay, Story, Poem''
*Donald M. Murray, ''Crafting a Life in Essay, Story, Poem''
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A list references and suggested reading:

Understanding writers (or students) and culture:

*David Bartholomae, "Teaching Basic Writing: An Alternative to Basic Skills"
*Patricia Bizell, "What Happens When Basic Writers Come to College?"
*Richard H. Haswell, ''Gaining Ground in College Writing: Tales of Development and Interpretation''
*Steven Johnson, ''Everything Bad is Good For You''
*Mike Rose, ''Lives on the Boundary: A Moving Account of the Struggles and Achievements of America's Educationally Underprepared''

Understanding literacy, past and present:

*Shannon Carter, ''The Way Literacy Lives: Rhetorical Dexterity and Basic Writing Instruction''
*Daniel Keller, "Gaming, Identity, and Literacy"
*Cynthia L. Selfe and Gail E. Hawisher, ''Literate Lives in the Information Age: Narratives of Literacy from the United States''
*Deborah Brandt, ''Literacy in American Lives''

Understanding craft and processes:

*Bruce McComiskey, ''Teaching Composition as a Social Process''
*Donald M. Murray, ''Crafting a Life in essay, Story, Poem''
*Mike Rose, "Narrowing the Mind and Page: Remedial Writers and Cognitive Reductionism"
*Jacqueline Jones Royster and Rebecca Greenberg Taylor, "Constructing Teacher Identity in the Basic Writing Classroom"