• What you found out about it
  • Break it down and put it into your own words


  • What kind of source is it?
  • Where did the source come from?
    • Database - which database/covering what/providing what kind of info?
    • Journal/book - what is usually covered in this source?
    • Internet - what kind of site/who authors the site/what is the parent source for the site/what do you know about that group/how often is the site updated/when was the info posted?
  • What is the purpose for writing the article?
  • Why did the author take a certain viewpoint?
  • What do you know about the author?
  • What is the expertise of the author?
    • Background
    • How does the author relate to the audience?
    • Credibity - writing expertise, prior publication, education
    • Experience related to the topic?
  • What info is covered/not covered?
  • What questions are relevant, but not addressed?
  • What audience is it geared toward and why?


  • How will you use the information
  • Think about a specific group
  • Different forms - perspectives
  • Use as insight for a paper you are writing