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SGarza: SurveyOfWebsite

Go to the TAMU-CC graduate program website and survey the information. Make a list of what you think are the imortant points to focus on for the program. List your info below. You can do this in a group or individually, but make sure that you put everyone's name down.


Good Points: Has a table of contents, pictures of happy graduates, great pictures of the campus, includes the "about" page that has requirements and other general information.

Bad Points: The "about" page is a little crowded, the segment on housing should be in it's own section. The icons for "request info" is strange, we did not like the clip art chosen; it is too exaggerated and big.


Admission Requirements, How to Apply, Programs Offered, How to request more information, Application and admissions timeline, What to do with your degree, Scholarship and funding opportunities >>>>>>> <<<<<<<

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======= Stephanie Ochoa

  • The colors are a bit jaring
  • Like the link to go online and apply
  • Its a bit cluttered, could use some more free spaces in the set up

Susan Johnson

  • It lists the different degrees, a description of them, and the requirements
  • Shows basic admission requirements

>>>>>>> <<<<<<<

Christine Alvarez

  • The colors could be cooled down a bit. The yellow is a little heavy on the eyes.
  • The art department's page looks really good. The colors are not overbearing and the layout looks very modern with it's different line variations.


Jeff Matthews

  • The yellow icons are a little confusing.
  • Why aren't blue and green used?
  • The Request Info link should really be available.


Sylvia Sanchez

  • Easy access to admission application
  • Easy acess to Finacial Aid options
  • Good colors

Sylvia Hernandez

  • Under "programs and degrees", the catalogue can be viewed easily.
  • Under "about", the requirements for grad school can be easily viewed.
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