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Where will your digital work live?

One of the current trends in web design is taking design back to a linear, storytelling type for format. Take a look at this for an example This site was created using Adobe Spark. While the same type of site could be created using many web design apps, the point here is to ask about the long term location of the work you are creating. In Spark, your work is kept in their cloud. So years from now, what might that mean for accessibility to your site, for both you to make updates and for visitors to the site to check for updates.

Post about one site you have viewed recently that is designed using the linear, storytelling format. Can you tell what app was used to develop the site? How well do you think the linear format works?

How well does your digital work perform on Mobile platforms?

Probably most apps for developing digital content include design that works on mobile devices as well as the internet. But you want to make sure. And we seem to moving more toward mobile devices being the main way digital content is delivered, so we'll see where that takes us.

If you haven't already, take a look at the website you are analyzing for your projects using your mobile phone, and see how well it works on mobile devices. Post about what you find. What works, what doesn't, anything else you notice.

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