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SGarza: TCBZSGChapterProposals

We have the winners!

3) "Which Weapons can be used to Kill the Zombies?"

7) "Settled Living Among the Undead"

14) "Bloodless"

16) "Survival Homesteading" by Shrieking Sharta

21) "Watercraft Operation / Escaping by Boat"

22) "Grassroots Defense"

Below are the chapters proposals and mock-ups created by Technical and Professional Writing 3301.201 class. Please review the documents and then complete the online survey found at Thank you.

1) "Fit to Fight the Zombies"

2) "The Hungry "One"

4) "Hospitals and Zombies"

5) "Protecting Our Children"

6) "Children Against Zombies"

8) "Preparing You and Your Group for the Zombie Apocalypse"

9) "The Role of Individual Schools and the School System at Large"

10) "Zombies at School"

11) "The Islander Chronicles: An Islander Response to a Zombie Attack for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi"

12) "Signs of a Zombie Infection"

13) "The Texas Gulf Coast Zombie"

15) "Surviving by Boat"

17) "Zombie Survival Principles"

18) "Survival Methods"

19) "Readily Available Weapons and Combat Techniques"

20) "Surviving in the Workplace"

23) "Surviving in the Home"

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