ENGL 4396 Technical Writing Module

The main purpose of this part of the course is to strengthen your technical writing skills and assist you as your write your report for the McNair? Scholars Journal.

Much of the work we do for this part of the course will be through Blackboard and feedback on the writing that you will turn in for each class meeting. Dr. Garza will be available to meet with you individually to provide feedback to help you progress as a writer. The TAMUCC Writing Center, located in the Glasscock Center, is also a great resource.

Assignments are listed below. Post all work on Blackboard unless otherwise noted. All assignments are due by 8am on the assigned date. Any work completed and/or submitted after that time will not be accepted.

June 3

  • Students who did not attend the Donald Asher workshop will be given a copy of his book and required to write a 4 page (double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font) report summarizing the main points of the book. The report will be due June 17th.

June 10

  • Post questions about the course on Blackboard.
  • Read pages 76-81 in the Bergmann text and complete the self evaluation on page 81 to evaluate the proposal you wrote and submitted in order to participate in the McNair? Summer Research Experience. You have the choice to write your response on the hard copy of your proposal, or you can post your comments on Blackboard. Just do what is easiest for you.
  • Read Chapters 1, 3 and 7 in the Hughes/Hayhoe text. Post on Blackboard what you find to be most helpful to you from the reading.
  • Refer to Chapters 2 & 4-6 in the Hughes/Hayhoe text to help you as you begin to write the sections of your Research Report.
  • Find information related to research ethics in your discipline and report the info you found on Blackboard. You should use at least 2 sources (one can be a real person), and tell us what sources you used.
  • Read handout labeled "Chapter 7 - Write Ethically" (author Pearsall) and add any info from the source that you find useful to your post on Blackboard about research ethics in your area.
  • Turn in a hard copy of your Literature Review and Methodology sections for your Research Report. (These will be rough drafts at this point, and your titles may be different depending on your discipline. See assignment for next week related to this.)

June 17

  • Read Bergman pages 18-46 and 117-128 and answer the questions under Section 6.7 on page 128 about your own research. Post your answers on Blackboard.
  • Post on Blackboard a tentative outline of the sections that you will include in your Research Report. Different disciplines will use different names for similar sections of reports. For example, in one discipline reports might include a "Literature Review" section, while another discipline might include a section on "Related Research." Both sections would discuss the research that has been conducted that relates to the current research that is being reported, but the titles are not the same. Another example - reports usually include some type of discussion of how the research was conducted, and that section is often called "Methodology." But you will see other titles for the section that includes a description of the research procedures.
  • Refer to Appendix B (pages 317-326) & 303-307 in the Bergman text to help you as you begin to write the sections of your Research Report.
  • Turn in a hard copy of at least 2 charts or graphs or tables that you will (or could) use in your Research Report. You may not have all of your data collected/analyzed at this point so just use what you have. This is for practice and not intended to be at the final product stage.
  • For students who did not attend the Donald Asher workshop, turn in summary report.

June 24

  • Read Chapters 8-10 in Hughes/Hayhoe, and Chapters 7-8 in Bergman. Post on Blackboard something you learned that will help you as you write your Research Report.
  • Refer to Appendix A (pages 308-316) in Bergman to help you as you begin to write the sections of your Research Report.
  • Turn in a hard copy of your conference proposal along with conference planning form.