• Has to relate to our topic of Digital Rhetoric
  • Has to in some way help to answer the questions for the course:
    • What is Digital Rhetoric?
    • How do reading and writing practices change in digital environments?
  • Build off of the readings for the course. This is not a research paper where you should go out and find extra sources. Use what we've already read and show how that has helped you to answer the course questions.

An idea for a structure to get you started thinking? (Just an idea, please be more creative and interesting)

  • Answer "What is Digital Rhetoric?" but not like a book report, encyclopedia entry. What was surprising to you maybe? What would be a new point about what it is that the audience might not know/might not have thought about?
  • Answer "How do reading and writing practices change in digital environments?" but again not like a book report, research paper. Is there a concept/idea that jumped out at you that would be interesting to share? And again, use the course readings to build your discussion on. Examples are good, so this is where you might add your own outside idea, but again the idea is not to do a report about the example and find a bunch of outside sources.

Why do a Ted Talk

  • To present new ideas
  • Needs to be interesting
  • Give old ideas a new perspective
  • Be careful type of language - think of what audience will understand
  • Define terms
  • Have a strong hook
  • Good organization - good map, take the audience on a story
  • You want to take your big idea and make it into something people will understand and be able to spread the idea to other people - ex. 2012 commencement speech

Steps Ted Talk Proposal

Ted Talk Script

First Draft - you must post a video or you won't get credit.

Review of First Draft

Revised Script

Ted Talk Presentation

How to Evaluate?

Helpful Sources

  • Webpage on the 7 steps to deliver a good Ted Talk

  • Here is an article on "How to Give a TED-Worthy Talk" from Forbes