Writing to Get a Job

Audience - Classmates and Dr. G
Purpose - Long term: to help students get jobs by doing a better job on the writing aspects of getting a job. Short term: to identify resources (for the textbook EA) that would help students and suggest ways those could be presented/taught to students.

The focus here is on the written elements of getting a job, not on the interviewing aspect. Any writing involved in the process of getting a job will work, online or hard copy, cover letters, portfolios, thank you letters, writing samples, etc.

  • First, gather information. Choose at least one option, or feel free to combine different options.
    • Interview personnel directors/anyone who hires and ask about resumes and cover letters and other written documents that are part of the hiring process. (Not interviewing.)
    • Collect current info on getting jobs in regard to writing
    • Collect info on writing for specific job areas
    • Interview professionals about the kind of online writing that is required for getting a job (online applications, etc.)
  • After collecting the information, write a recommendation report for the class. You need to address two questions. First, what did you find out about writing to get a job from the information you collected. Second, make a recommendation(s) regarding how you see this information being relevant to this course and how you think it should be presented to future students.