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SGarza: ToolsForEffectiveManagement

Writing for the Web means thinking about "writing" differently. First read Content/Not Writing?, which gives you some insight into how I view this shift.

For this activity I want to focus on Management, because when we write for the web, or develop "content," we have to focus on management, or we won't be successful. Management covers a lot of different issues, but here are some thoughts from the CEO of Google about management. And although they are more people oriented, when we develop content, we will have to know how to manage the people functions/connections as well.

Here's a general intro to the topic, so read it for context:

Here's the article we will focus on:

We are going to do a shared reading/discussion for this activity. You will all have to contribute a point from the article, and provide a discussion question that others can respond to.

This will take some working together by you guys, but I know you can handle it.

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