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Topic Paper

In essence you will be preparing an article for publication in one of the two following journals:

You will not be expected to have an article that is completely ready for publication, but we will use the process for preparing articles for publication that are found in the journals. This will give you some experience with how the process works.

The evaluation of the articles will be based on the criteria and the processes used by the journal. In terms of grades it will look something like this:

Topic Paper Presentation

You can present individually or team up with other students if your topics fit together well. This will be a presentation to the class of your work in progress on your Topic Paper. Part of what you will need to do is identify articles to discuss as part of your presentation. These should come from the course texts and/or the Topic Paper journals. Please share with the class the week before you present what you will be discussing so that students can review the articles if they desire. Plan for 10-15 minutes per student presentation time. The presentations do not have to be just talking. I would encourage you to actively engage the whole group.

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