Turn in no later than September 27. Any work turned in after that will be subject to late policy.



  • Show we've learned something
  • Provide the reader with initial discussion of ideas for Paper

Course Objectives - You will want to point to these in your reflective overview.

  • Use technology to communicate and acquire information
  • Listen carefully, think critically and reflectively, and respond ethically during group discussion
  • Use critical reasoning for problem solving
  • Evaluate arguments analytically and creatively
  • Read for a variety of purposes across the disciplines

Framing the Portfolio

  • Question
  • Theme

Selecting Content - possibilities

  • Reader and writer based


The work you are doing on your paper will be part of the work you include in your porfolio, but the portfolio is about everything you are doing to improve your writing skills. This could/should include work from other classes.

Sample paper http://www.dianahacker.com/resdoc/

Document Your Sources

Contents for Portfolio

Format for Portfolio

  • Any format you choose, from papers in a folder to an online presentation. Think about your audience and what will help them and what will show your work to its highest potential.