This assignment will allow you to explore digital technologies. You will choose one digital technology and do an in-class presentation discussing the history of how the technology came to be, how it is currently being used, and any future uses being developed. You can also talk about anything else you learn about the topic that you think the class would be interested in knowing. When you present, you have to use the technology tool you researched to give the presentation. Presentations should be 5-10 minutes long.

  • Pick a technology
  • Research - approximately 5 sources
  • Present using the actual technology

Questions to help you research:

  • How did it start? When? History?
  • Interesting facets
  • Uses?
  • Future?


  1. Has 5 credible sources and Works Cited page (MLA or APA)
  2. Used the technology to present
  3. Covered history, present and future uses
  4. Covered information interesting to the audience
  5. Was within time limits
  6. Creativity