One very important aspect of writing in digital environments is Universal Design. The main focus of universal design is to make sure information can be accessed by people with disabilities, in any environment. Research has shown, however, that the principles of universal design improve communication, as well as learning for all people. So it is very important that you are aware of Universal Design and its importance. Read the info found in this article, "Accessibility According to Actual People With Disabilities". Then review information from a page of the Center for Excellence in Universal Design website, provided by the National Disability Authority organization (site updated as of 2020) Skim through the items in the menu found on the left (purple background). Review the TAMUCC website and see if you can find any of the items listed in the menu. This could be an example of good use or bad use. Make sure the reader has clear info as to what page you are talking about. You may want to use screen shots in your explanation to help the reader follow your discussion.

Here's an example of the publication guidelines for a journal, including issues of universal design