One very important aspect of writing in digital environments is Universal Design. The main focus of universal design is to make sure information can be accessed by people with disabilities, in any environment. Research has shown, however, that the principles of universal design improves communication, as well as learning for all people. So it is very important that you are aware of Universal Design and its importance. Read the info found in this article, "Accessibility According to Actual People With Disabilities". You have two options for responding to the reading.

  • If you know someone who has a disability, ask them about their experience with accessibility in digital environments.
  • Find a website that has at least two of the issues pointed out in the article.

Remember to give name of contact/website (use first names only for actual persons), url and some context for your reader about who/what you are sharing about and why, etc. Make it clear to the reader which part of the article you are referring to. Use screen shots if they will help the reader understand what you are sharing.

Here's an example of the publication guidelines for a journal, including issues of universal design