Curriculum FAQ: Should ethnic literature be used in the High School English Classroom?

Before we can get started on the use of ethnic literature in the High School debate, it is important to first understand what is going on the in the current English High School classrooms. Such as a in dept explanation of what the traditional texts are, and what is being taught and read in the High School English Classrooms: What are traditional texts What are we teaching and reading now?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what is going on in the English classroom and the English curriculum, we can dive into the benefits and affects of using Ethnic literature in the High School English classroom. There is much information on this subject, but I have picked the most applicable and given a general summary of the sources, and some ideas, questions, contemplations and thoughts on the issue. How does using ethnic literature improve the high school curriculum?

Although there is great evidence and arguments for the use of Ethnic literature in the High School English Classroom, the next question to ask is:Are schools and English Departments making the change? Many school may not be able or ready to take the plunge into multicultural literature and break away from the traditional literary cannon, the following are arguments from school systems and departments that have been successful with the change.

As previously mentioned, there are many other sources and information on the topic that are very useful in developing your opinion on the ethnic literature debate.

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"Passing the Baton"...here are some:

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