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Project Information

To Revise the Grey Ram Equipment Rental Co. website
Start Date
October 16, 2008
End Date
December 11, 2008
Project Creator
Vanessa Barton
John DeLaGarza? (business owner)
1022 Hibiscus Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78413
361-877-0101 or
Vanessa Barton at


The Grey Ram Equipment Rental website provides information to businesses such as local ranchers to larger construction companies interested in renting land development equipment.


The Grey Ram Rental Equipment site needed some revision in order to branch out to a broader audience, and offer more visual information about their products and services. A somewhat more updated format on the site was also needed to make the available information more customer friendly.


This site primarily attracts those looking for rental equipment to improve or renovate their building or land; typically small business owners, ranchers, or other equipment rental companies.

Revising the Site

Spanish section
link to image on bobcat equipment and their dimensions

Problems Encountered

Future Development

In the future this website will continuously be updated with more information on equipment, availability, and if it continues to grow and gain more business there will also be more products to select from. John, the business owner, will further this task and try to attract more potential customers and keep his website information current.


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