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Project Information

Project Title: To Redesign the Grey Ram Equipment Rental Co. website and Report

Start Date: October 16, 2008

End Date: December 2008

Project Administrator/Creator: Vanessa Barton/ John DeLaGarza?

Contact: John DeLaGarza? (business owner) 1022 Hibiscus St. Corpus Christi, TX 78413 361-877-0101 or Vanessa at

Project Description

I will create a more user-friendly website for Grey Ram Equipment Rental in order to promote this local business.

Project Purpose

Provide Grey Ram customers with more information about the company including price, contact information, elaborate descriptions of equipment and proportions, along with more accessible information to any potential customers.

Audience Information

The audience of this website can range to various types of people. Anyone interested in this website could be small business owners, renovators, other equipment rental businesses, ranchers, or just anyone looking to build on or reconstruct their land.

The website consists of:

First Impressions

This website has a professional look to it, but could use something a little more eye catching to keep the readers interest and make it stand out. More graphics and information are needed, as well as information offered to Spanish-speakers.

Project Time Line October 16 - met with John about what could be done for website October 19 - posted Project Plan October 22 - updated info October 29 - meet with John to be continued

Project Tools

Yale WWW Style Guide?

Company Website -

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