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John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen's article reports the findings of three different studies regarding web usability in terms of writing. The first two studies are exploratory and qualitative, seeking to discover what readers of web-based writing like or dislike. Morkes and Nielsen's third study combines the findings of the first two in order to determine what main characteristics readers of web-based writing are looking for. Study 1 found that users desire a search engine in the site, are quite impatient when it comes to downloading, and believe basic parameters for good writing are needed. Study 2 found users wanting simple and informal writing, credibility of the site, scannable, concise text, hypertexted information, complementary graphics, and summaries written in the inverted pyramid style. Study 3 combined the findings of studies 1 and 2, to reach the conclusion that the most preferred characterstics of web writing are scannable texts, concise language, and objective writing styles.


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