The visual elements of a document can make a big difference in helping the reader understand our purpose. Visual elements play a big role in helping readers follow and understand information.

  • Read Chapters 5 and 6 in ETC.
  • Analyze the manual you presented to the class as your Discipline Manual.
  • Use at least 3 elements from Chapter 5 and explain how the element is done well, or not so well, in your manual. If all of your examples are good examples, that is ok. At least one of your examples has to refer to wording of the text, such as headings need to be descriptive and/or parallel. In other words, you can't just refer to what is sometimes easier to spot, use of headings, blank spaces, etc.
  • Include one example from Chapter 6 to show an illustration that is done well, or not so well. (If your manual does not have an illustration of some kind, it may not be a manual.)
  • Use visuals as much as possible. Showing us what you are talking about will help us see the context, and your explanations will make more sense. These could be screen shots of pages, or parts of pages, or even video clips - clips of you showing/explaining or clips from your manual if it is in video format.
  • Follow a memo report format, such as those on pgs. 164 and/or 182 in ETC.