Visual Analysis of Historical Places

Course Objectives (Learning Outcomes)
Students will

  • discuss the elements of visual rhetoric.
  • apply the elements of visual rhetoric to historical spaces.
  • analyze a space space using a visual rhetoric framework.
  • research visual images (pictures, videos, maps) of a memorial space.

Course Content

  • Learn methods to do visual analysis
  • Apply to a specific space/place/site
  • Analyze physical space
  • Analyze digital space
  • Research visual images
  • Develop a visual presentation

Reading List

November 3

  • Intro

November 10

  • Decide on a space/place/site
  • Do some background searching about the space/place/site

November 17

  • Practice visual analysis
  • Apply the analysis to your space/place/site
  • Do some more background searching

November 24

December 1

December 8

December 15

January 5