The big project for the class is the primary research project you will conduct on a question of your choice related to visual rhetoric. A good place to start is by reviewing the work that prior students completed.

5 Weeks to Visual Rhetoric

  • Think about a possible question.
  • Do some researching about the question. Use our texts for the course and other sources I have shared so you don't have to do a lot of outside searching.
  • Refine your question.
  • Write up info you have found from Secondary Sources that relate to your question.
  • Choose a Methodology. Find a sample of research that was done with your methodology choice and use that as a model.
  • Conduct your research (research can be in the form of analysis).
  • Write report for online journal.
  • Share.

Things to include in your report.

  • Introduction
  • Discussion of Secondary Sources
  • Theorectical Perspective
  • Methodology
  • Results of Primary Research
  • Discussion/Conclusions About Findings