We have been gathering info about the writing done in your discipline. For this project, we will bring together that info, and gather more to help you develop a presentation that will show what you have learned about writing in your discipline.

  • Present what you have learned about the discourse community you focused on related to your discipline. You will need to talk about the discourse community in terms of the knowledge domains in writing we have talked about throughout the course:
    • writing process knowledge
    • subject matter knowledge
    • rhetorical knowledge
    • genre knowledge

In other words, you are going to show what you have learned.

  • Use the info you already gathered as you created the work that made up the Weekly Assignments and Activities? as a starting point.
  • You must add new info to this already existing info. As you are gathering and deciding how to organize and present all of the info, look for the areas that need more development. Those are the areas where you will want to add more info.
  • Use one presentation method, or a combination of methods, from the presentation tools that I assigned to you (slidecast, infographic, screencast). I will also add the option of doing a video. Choose the method that will best help you to present your info, not just the easiest one to use.
  • Do not just put all the info together from each assignment into one big presentation. And you don't have to include everything you used already.
  • Think about your audience - Other students in 1302 classes. You are telling a story, so you need to decide how to organize the info, and how to present the info so the reader can follow what you are doing. You also want the presentation to be interesting.
  • You have to cover all of the knowledge domains in your presentation, but you don't have to organize your presentation using the domains. In fact, presenting the info that way will probably be more boring. You need to organize your info in a way that makes sense and will be understood by and interesting to your audience.

Make sure to review the rubric.

You know the things I will count off for - audience, purpose, wrong or no documentation, especially image reference, etc.