Warrior Profile

Audience - Other students in 1302 classes

Identify the warrior that you want to do research on. It can be a real or fictional character, but has to be an already existing warrior. In other words, you can't just make up a character. The character can be anyone you choose. (It does not have to be one of the characters from the Deadliest Warrior program). Create a Warrior Profile by gathering information about the warrior including these elements:

  • Brief life history - important events that occurred relating to your warrior
  • Key players in the evolution of the warrior - previous opponents
  • Battle strengths, i.e. physical capabilities, mental acumen and previous battle experience
  • Preferred weapons

Follow these examples for creating your profiles:

Be sure to include pictures and visually format your paper like one of the two examples. Save your profile in pdf format and submit in the Discussion Forum as an attachment.

Here is a template that I put together that you can use. Just delete what I have and then copy and paste your own info. And feel free to change the layout/format as you see fit.

Warrior Profile Template

Audience - other students in 1302 classes


  • Fulfills all assignment criteria
  • Correctly follows examples
  • Is visually interesting and engaging
  • Is engaging for the audience to read

Optional: Use Google Maps to create a map to illustrate the important places related to your warrior. You could include this on your Warrior Profile page or you could create it as a separate page.