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SGarza: WeKnowGrammar

Definition of grammar

We use the term grammar to encompass everything that we are told to "check" when we write. This checking process, however, covers different components that are not included in the specific definition of "grammar."

Attitude toward grammar

In order to improve your skills as editors of the elements broadly included under grammar, you need to develop a habit of paying attention to what you see happening in the language around you. If you study the rules of grammar and then check out how they are or aren't being followed in ads, songs, publications, conversations, etc., you will begin to develop a context for these grammar rules and be able to apply them correctly in your own writing.

Power of grammar knowledge

Extra Credit Post examples of grammar/usage issues that you think would be interesting to the class and will add to what we are learning in class and receive 5 points extra credit. (Credit awarded only for posts that include all of the elements.)


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