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SGarza: WebAnalysisProject

General Description of Project

The subject of the project will be a web site that you choose to analyze. The web site must be one that is used for a real purpose by a real audience. Don't choose a web site for a large, successful entity, as the purpose of the project is to work on making the site better. I had a student who chose a website for a large university, and it was hard to complete the project because the site already worked very well. You may know someone who has a small business/group and they need their website to work much better. This might be a friend, colleague, family member, etc. If you can't think of something I can help you find a project as I often hear from folks needing help. There are many small businesses, not-for-profit organizations that always need help. If you know of a group that has no website, your project can be to develop a site for them, but we will have to work together to tweak the steps a bit. Very doable, but I would recommend that you not take on a new site unless you are very comfortable with technology. You don't have to know the group that has the website. But I do encourage students to contact organizations to see if they would like to work with you. So the project basically looks like this:

We will use the course texts to do the analysis of the website.

Steps to Follow

  1. Choose a website to work on.
  2. Report in Discussion Forum what website you chose and why you chose the site.
  3. Choose two elements from each chapter (4 total) of the course texts and analyze your site. (This will be repeated several times.)
  4. Report on the analysis in Discussion Forum. (Repeat)
  5. Use the information you have gathered to write a Recommendation Report (traditional doc format) on what changes need to be made to the website.
  6. Create an informational web text to present the information from the recommendation report.
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