What is reflective writing?

"Reflection is a form of metacognition -- thinking about thinking" DAWN SWARTZENDRUBER-PUTNAM. So make sure you think about your thinking. How has it changed/evolved/crashed? Have you learned to learn differently/

Here are readings related to metacognition, as reflective writing is a metacognitive activity:

One of the characteristics of an advanced writer is her/his ability to reflect on their writing.

What reflective writing is not:

  • It is not a list of what you have done - contributions to class, what you put in your portfolio, etc.
  • It is not talking about what you like/don't like, about writing, about the course, etc.
  • It is not talking about writing in general, or talking about what other writers do.

What you should talk about:

  • What you have learned about writing.
  • How you have applied what you have learned to your writing. You can point to specific examples in your reading or writings.
  • How has your writing changed? And remember, even if the changes seem not perfect, that is a good sign that you are advancing.
  • How has your thinking about writing/about what writers do changed?
  • What you see as the next step for you as a writer. Another way to think about this is if you took another advanced writing course, what would you want to work on?