Welcome to this writing course that focuses on writing for the web, or online writing, which happens in many different formats, what we call new media. While writing that we find online comes through the Internet (on the World Wide Web, which is not the same as the Internet, see http://www.webopedia.com/DidYouKnow/Internet/2002/Web_vs_Internet.asp fmi.) which is a networked environment, you may one day need to write for other types of networked environments (Who knows what will be created next!). One common example is an intranet system found within a company. But what we will focus on here is writing that is delivered in these online types of environments by allowing you the opportunity to both study and develop writing for this environment.

Course Objectives and Outcomes By becoming aware of the writing required to be successful in networked environments and analyzing the different types of communication that take place in such environments, you will gain an understanding of the following concepts and be able to apply them to multiple writing situations:

  • Audience - Who are your readers? What do you need to know about them? How can you meet their needs?
  • Purpose - What do you want to accomplish with your writing, network interfacing?
  • Format - How will you present the information? How does presentation affect readability/usability?
  • Role of collaboration in networked environments - How do writers collaborate in networked environments? How does peer review work in those environments?
  • Revision/Editing - How is revision different from editing? How does revision relate to audience and purpose?
  • Role of Others (including your teacher) in the Writing Process - How can we work together as collaborators to learn more about networked environments? How do writers make decisions when designing documents?
  • Design Elements - How do design elements, such as white space, paragraphing, headers & footers, document styles, typefaces, and visual aids, affect usability?

You will understand and use these elements by writing and working with numerous types of networked environment writing. Some of what you do will focus on web pages, but there are many other types of writing involved in these environments that we will learn more about as well. Some examples are

  • Online Reports
  • Web Sites
  • Instructions and Other Forms of Technical Writing
  • Webfolios

Workshop This class is designed as a hands-on workshop class. You will have an active role as you work on the phases of each project and respond to the work of your classmates and receive feedback on your work. This class is designed to give you experiences that are similar to those you will experience in the workplace so you will also receive feedback from others outside the class. We will work on your assignments weekly. The work is on-going and hands-on. Writing in any environment is an active process and the more you actively participate, the better results you will see in your progress.