You may be wondering what technical writing is and why you are having to take a class on technical writing. View this short video for a basic definition of what technical writing is: For the purposes of this course, we are trying to help you learn to write the type of technical documentation that will be required in your career area. In order to help you identify what technical writing looks like in your career area (there is some type of technical writing in all areas), post your answer to these three questions: What types of documents are important in your career area? (ie, manuals, progress reports, pretrial motions, etc.) What happens as a result of the use of such documents? (ie, people go free or go to jail, projects are approved/rejected, etc.) Make sure to provide a brief introduction to let the reader know what your career area is. You can find the info by searching on the internet, consulting books/articles in your area, and/or talking to people who currently (or previously) worked in the area. You do not have to provide your resources but you are welcome to include that information. Also complete the attached Comparison Chart.docx and submit it with your response. Completing the chart should help you answer the questions.